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Having accurate property Survey in Marlow is key. Oakfield Chartered Surveyors understand the importance of your surveyors getting the property value right. For one of most trusted surveying services Buckinghamshire has to offer, try the Oakfield Chartered Surveyors team today.

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Here at Oakfield Chartered Surveyors, we know that you’re looking for chartered building surveyors that you can trust. Below are some of the key reasons you can trust us to offer a high-end residential survey service every time:

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Is it worth getting a residential building survey in Marlow?

When people are in the house buying process, one of the most common questions is “Is it worth getting house surveys? The answer is a resounding yes.

Just two of the many benefits of getting a building survey are below:

Avoid surprises in your property.

The first key benefit having a building survey is the ability to avoid bad surprises. Structural surveys reveal potential issues with the construction and maintenance of the property, assisting buyers in understanding the risks of purchase and avoiding bad investments.

Accurate assessment of the property thanks to surveying.

Prior to buying, a property, getting building surveyors in helps with establishing a more comprehensive understanding of the condition of the property. You get more value for money with RICS Chartered Surveyors and more reliable information.

Building Surveyors Marlow?

We are one of the leading Chartered Surveyors covering London, Buckinghamshire, Marlow and Oxfordshire and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality building surveys.
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RICS regulated

Oakfield Chartered Surveyors is regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, also known as RICS. Our alignment with the RICS’s Level 3 system means that we offer property survey’s of a high standard that prospective homebuyers across Marlow can rely on.


The Oakfield Chartered Surveyors team has a wealth of experience in the field of surveying. With more than20 years of experience, we are specialists in residential surveys and valuations, covering properties of all ages and types.


Here at Oakfield Chartered Surveyors, we put the client’s needs at the heart of what we do. As some of the most customer-focused building surveyors Marlow has to offer, we make sure that our quotes are accurate and that your building surveys contain as much information as possible. For surveys, RICS valuations, party wall matters, Licence to alter and more, you can trust our team.

Strong reviews

We have an incredibly proud history of satisfying customers with thorough surveys that residents trust. From supporting house building and construction work to completing a house survey Marlow homeowners trust, our customers are satisfied and leave great reviews.

Accurate quotes

We provide all of our clients with accurate quotes, so you know what you pay before the survey gets underway. This makes your building surveying budget more reliable and sets your house building project a clear budget.

How much should building surveyors cost for your property?

When you set out in the house buying process, you want to make sure you get the best financial outcome possible. This applies in every stage of the process, and leads to some house buyers wondering “How much should a structural survey cost?”

The average structural survey costs approximately £800. However, there are many different factors affecting this figure. One of the most prominent factors is the size of the property, as surveying and analysing a large property takes building surveyors much longer than completing a smaller house survey.

Furthermore, age has a significant effect. Building surveys generally cost more on older properties due to the complexities in their construction.

Contact the Oakfield Chartered Surveyors team for quotes if you’re interested in establishing the value of a property. This is a simple and upfront way of understanding the cost of the buildings survey services you need.

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How long does it take to get a building survey report for your house?

Understanding how long it takes to get a building survey report is a key part of the house buying process. The purchasing process comes to a halt as the buyers do their due diligence on the property, awaiting an accurate valuation and report.

The duration of time for completing a survey varies significantly. A simple survey takes anywhere from 90 minutes, whereas the most detailed surveys take up to an entire working day or longer. However, this simply accounts for the time spent on the property.

Depending on the service you use, a chartered surveyor takes up to 5 working days in the process of writing, checking and sending their report. The more complex the property, the more complex the surveying, the longer the process. Using a chartered surveyor that puts clients first is an important means of keeping up communication and staying informed.

What does the building surveyors' process entail?

Building surveyors offer a wide range of services, designed to support homeowners in the purchase, maintenance, and sale of their properties. The process of completing a building survey itself is complex and detailed, giving homeowners a better idea of the nature and defects of their property. Following the survey process is similar from standard surveying to probate valuation surveys, with many steps being the same.

The first stage of the process is booking the survey for your buildings. This means Oakfield Chartered Surveyors talk to you, setting an ideal time to complete the survey and establishing ownership of the property.

Next, a surveyor visits the property, completing an external examination of the building. This discovers issues on the outside of the property, such as roofing issues and the condition of windows and doors.

Following the external assessment, a surveyor examines the inside of a property. This includes a visual examination and, depending on the survey service in question, an invasive examination of flooring, hatches, drainage and grounds.

Finally, a house surveyor provides a report. Where a Level 2 survey leads to a report on the property, opting for a Level 3 RICS survey means that the property buyer receives a report to read, discussing necessary repairs and ongoing architectural maintenance on the property. This is the most thorough form of survey, setting out a roadmap of advice for retaining a high standard of build quality.

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Looking for a Building Survey Marlow, Bucks?

We are one of the leading Chartered Surveyors covering London, Buckinghamshire, Marlow and Oxfordshire and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality building surveys.
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Why Oakfield Chartered Surveyors are the best surveyors Marlow can offer?

If you’re looking for a building surveyor in Marlow, there are plenty of reasons to choose the Oakfield Chartered Surveyors team. Just some of the reasons to choose us include:

• A RICS regulated service with several specific survey services.

• Strong reviews from our past customers who rely on our work.

• Accurate quotes so you can budget better in the long term.

• A selection of services, including surveys probate valuation teams trust and resolving wall matters client disputes relate to.

• Highly accurate and detailed reporting with as much detail as possible regarding defects and issues.

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