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How much does a house survey cost in 2024?

House Survey cost

Although you are not legally required to conduct a house survey in the UK, doing so ensures you avoid paying for expensive repairs or faults in the long run. The cost of a home survey can vary depending on several factors – such as the type of survey and the property under inspection. In this […]

The Importance of Building Surveys: 5 Key Reasons You Need One

5 key reasons why you need a building survey

Table of Contents Buying a property isn’t just about getting the best price, but also about guaranteeing your future and investment. Before you allow yourself to be swayed by a property’s aesthetic allure or appealing layout, consider this: your new property could harbour hidden defects, unforeseen expenses, and potential health risks. This is where building […]

When to have a Building Survey?

When to have a Building Survey

Table of Contents Before you dive headfirst into purchasing your dream building, you need to ensure its foundations are as solid as your aspirations. This is where a building survey comes in handy, equipping you with critical insights on the property’s condition and potential pitfalls. But when is the right time for a building survey? […]

How to choose a surveyor to carry out a building survey?

What to Expect in a Building Survey Report

Picture this: you’ve finally found the perfect property, and all your dreams seem to be coming true. But there’s one crucial step left before you can truly call it “home” – finding a reliable building surveyor to safeguard your investment. That’s why we’ve created this comprehensive step-by-step guide, helping you navigate those murky waters and […]

Do I need a home buyers survey or building survey?

What to Expect in a Building Survey Report

Are you caught in the conundrum of choosing between a Home Buyers Survey and a Building Survey for your dream property? Fear not, as we unravel the mysteries surrounding these two essential types of surveys in the world of property purchases. Picture this: you’ve stumbled upon that perfect home or investment, but how can you […]

What to Expect in a Building Survey Report

What to Expect in a Building Survey Report

When making one of the most significant investments of your life – purchasing a property – you want to ensure there are no hidden surprises waiting for you. Imagine being absolutely captivated by a charming house, only to later discover that it’s plagued with damp issues, sloping floors or even structural defects! At Oakfield Chartered […]

When do you need a building survey

Homebuyer Survey

Are you on the verge of making a life-changing decision, like buying a new home or investing in commercial property? Don’t get caught up in the excitement and let potential problems creep up on you unawares! Knowing when to get a building survey is like having an ace up your sleeve— it can save you […]

What Is The Difference Between A Full Building Survey And A Homebuyer Report?

Homebuyer Survey

Exploring the different types of property surveys when purchasing a home can be an intimidating prospect – with the terminology alone enough to make any prospective buyer’s head spin! But understanding the differences between the different surveys available can be extremely beneficial to making an informed decision. That’s why it’s important to know exactly what […]

What Does A Building Survey Involve?

What Does A Building Survey Involve from Oakfield Chartered Surveyors

If you are buying a property, then it is important to mitigate risk. You need to make sure that the property is structurally sound without any faults or issues. A RICS homebuyer building survey will provide a full structural assessment of the building.  The survey report will include any issues noted by surveyors that need […]

What Is A Commercial Building Survey?

Commercial Property Survey

What Is A Commercial Building Survey And Why Is It Important? A commercial building process is a key part of the due diligence process when you are considering leasing or purchasing a commercial building. Completed by professional building surveyors, they assess the technical risks for either investors or occupiers. The survey will provide a detailed […]

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