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Allowing The Right Amount Of Time

As the owner planning to carryout building works it is important to ensure that notifiable elements are determined and that the appropriate time scale for dealing with party wall matters is allowed for. Notices periods are either one or two months dependant on the type of work being carried out.

It is important to factor this is to the time scale along with time to resolve any disputes that arises. On general party wall matters take on average 3 months from start to finish, with more complex works such as basement excavations taking longer.

Communicate With Your Neighbours

We would recommend that before serving notices that you speak with your neighbours about the works. This gives you a chance to understand their concerns and also reduces the likelihood of them dissenting to a notice and appointing a separate surveyor to try and delay the process and cost you more money.

We would recommend that you have your plans checked by an experienced party wall surveyor before serving notices. This will reduce delays at a later date. Our surveyors are happy to provide you with advice and a quotation for handling the party wall matters and reduce any unnecessary delays to your project.

Legal Requirements

It is a legal requirement for notices to be served on adjoining owners with an interest greater than 12 months. If situations where there are several leaseholders and a freeholder it is important to manage the process correctly to prevent unnecessary delays and unnecessary appointment of surveyors duplicating work and increasing fees.

The building owner is responsible for their own surveyor’s fee but also the reasonable fees of any surveyors appointed by the adjoining owners. Adjoining owners’ surveyors are not required to quote in advance so their fees are calculated by reference to an hourly rate with the final figure being agreed with the building owner’s surveyor. Should the two surveyors fail to agree upon a reasonable amount the matter can be referred to the Third Surveyor who has the final say.

More Complex Works

For more complex works such as basement works, it may be necessary for a Checking Engineer to be appointed and for a sum of money to be set aside for Security until the permanent works have been completed. Our Chartered Surveyors will be able to provide you detailed advise for large more complex projects and are experienced in dealing with matters to keep costs and timescales under control.

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