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Do you need a party wall surveyor in Buckinghamshire to address party wall issues? Our experienced team of surveyors has the knowledge and experience to assist with party wall matters, whether you intend to carry out works or you have been served a notice.

When You Need a Party Wall Surveyor

There are several circumstances when you might require a surveyor for matters relating to a party wall. You may seek a surveyor if you intend to carry out works on your own property. Alternatively, you may have been served a notice by a neighbour. Our surveyors can help with both situations related to party walls and ensure you get the help and support that you need.

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Have You Been Served a Notice?

If you have been served a notice in regards to a party wall, it’s best practice to seek advice from a surveyor. A Party Wall Notice is used to inform adjoining neighbours of the intention to carry out work on a party wall. These don’t need to follow a standard format or form, but many people use a template to ensure they provide the necessary information.

When you receive or send a notice, it must include the following:

  • Details of the proposed works to be carried out
  • Names and addresses of the owner and adjoining owners
  • The proposed date the works will begin
  • Details of the properties affected
  • The date the notice was served

You must respond within 14 days to either consent or object. If you give no response, this will be taken as a lack of consent. You can seek your own advice by getting in touch with a surveyor about party wall issues to ensure you know what steps to take next.

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How Do I Know If My Wall Is a Party Wall?

It’s important to know if a wall is a party wall before undertaking works in your home so that you can notify the right people and gain the consent that you need. This consent, known as a Party Wall Agreement, must be in writing and needs to be obtained if making alterations to a party wall. But how can you tell if your wall is a party wall? A party wall is a wall dividing a property, such as between semi-detached or terraced houses, or apartments.

The Party Wall Act

The Party Wall Act 1996 defines what is and isn’t a party wall. This set of building regulations gives two types of party wall.

  1. Party Wall Type A: a wall sitting astride the boundary dividing properties belonging to two different owners. It could be part of a building or divide land only.
  2. Party Wall Type B: a wall located at the boundary dividing two properties but standing on only one property instead of straddling them both.

If you want to alter a wall which is a party wall, a Buckinghamshire party wall surveyor can help. Getting the right advice will ensure you carry out the process correctly. A surveyor can also serve notices to your neighbours for you. Using RICS accredited surveyors such as the team at Oakfield will get you the best support throughout the process.

Communicating with your neighbours

A party wall agreement, which is the best way of dividing up sections of a property this is shared by two neighbours, will usually detail what work can be done and when.

So, before you start any building work, you need to make sure that your neighbour’s permission has been obtained and that they have granted a right of entry.

However, this is easier said than done and in some cases, your neighbour may not always agree to allow access, leading to a party wall dispute.

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We are one of the leading Chartered Surveyors covering London, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire and regulated by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality party wall advice.
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Getting a Party Wall Agreement

It’s essential to obtain a Party Wall Agreement if you want to carry out works on a party wall, such as building an extension. There are multiple things to consider when securing a Party Wall Agreement, including your obligations as a property owner and the cost of obtaining the agreement.

The first step is to send a notice to adjoining owners. After you have had a response, the next step is to agree a party wall surveyor, whose role it is to draft a Party Wall Award. Anyone who hasn’t been acting for you in connection with your proposed works may be the surveyor in order to maintain impartiality and represent all parties. When seeking the right surveyor, it is beneficial to choose a wall surveyor who has experience in party wall matters. We can help when you’re seeking a party wall expert in Bucks.

The Party Wall Award sets out the work to be carried out, and how and when it will take place so that there is a minimal amount of disruption to the adjoining neighbours. When the works are being carried out, it’s important that the adjoining owners don’t prevent access to their property when it’s required. However, they can be compensated for any damage or loss that may be caused.

How much does a party wall agreement cost?

When you choose Oakfield as your chartered surveyors, you can ensure each party’s interests are represented. The cost of securing a Party Wall Agreement can vary, so it’s important to get a quote to find out how much you will pay. You can get a quote by getting in touch with our team. There are various factors that may affect the cost, and we can ensure you get the right advice.

Party Wall Surveyor Services from Oakfield

You may need to seek a Party Wall Agreement and enlist an agreed surveyor in a number of circumstances. When you’re looking for the right party wall surveyor in Buckinghamshire, we would always recommend someone who has experience and knowledge of all matters relating to party walls. At Oakfield, we have years of experience dealing with these issues, including helping with Party Wall Notices and drafting Party Wall Awards.

Every client we work with receives our dedicated services to guarantee the process of seeking a Party Wall Agreement runs smoothly. Whether you are a building owner planning to carry out works on a party wall or an adjoining owner who has received a notice, we can help you. Our office in Beaconsfield means that we are in the perfect position to serve clients in Buckinghamshire, as well as London and the Home Counties.

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