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What Does A Building Survey Involve?

If you are buying a property, then it is important to mitigate risk. You need to make sure that the property is structurally sound without any faults or issues. A RICS homebuyer building survey will provide a full structural assessment of the building. 

The survey report will include any issues noted by surveyors that need to be addressed and the repairs that they recommend. The final inspection will provide you with an estimate on the cost for repairs and advice on whether or not you should commit to a purchase of the property. The inspection is completed by a surveyor who outlines any issues or problems that need to be addressed. A survey will typically include:

  • Building inspection
  • Full survey report
  • Property valuation

Surveyors are legally required to inform a potential buyer of any major issue with the property. They will check all accessible and visible parts of the building as well as chimneys, garages, and sellers. 

If issues are reported on and discovered, it provides the property buyer with more power to renegotiate a current asking price or request that repairs are completed before committing to a purchase. 

What Does A Building Survey Involve from Oakfield Chartered Surveyors

What Does A RICS Homebuyer Building Survey Include?

A building survey is a full, expert inspection that examines the condition of the property. There are three types of building surveys. The survey will impact the cost of the service as well as what is included in this process.
A condition report explores the condition of the property including any urgent defects, potential legal issues, or serious risk for the buyer. It will typically be used for new homes that are still in a generally good condition. The level one survey is available at the lowest cost for potential buyers.
A HomeBuyer Report also known as a Home Condition Survey will include all aspects of the condition report as well as any defects that could affect the property in the future. It can also include a market valuation where this is required by the buyer. The report will usually be completed on standard property that remains in a reasonable condition. The level two report provides additional peace of mind for a buyer.

A full building survey provides an in-depth assessment of your property. This report will note any defects with recommendations for repairs as well as maintenance. A level 3 building survey is typically recommended for older properties or any property that is in a poor condition. Due to this, it is one of the more expensive options. However, it will provide a complete and comprehensive analysis of a property that you are considering purchasing.

How Do I Prepare For A Full Structural Building Survey?

There are a few steps that you should take to prepare for a building survey. First, you need to declutter as much as possible. Make sure that you know where key certificates and documents are for the home. You might also want to fix any issues with minor defects and check the outside of the property for any further problems that you can address.

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How Long Does A Level 3 Building Survey Take For Surveyors?

On average, a surveyor will spend between two to five hours examining and exploring your property, checking for any issues. A level 3 building survey assessment may take a little longer than a level 1 or 2 survey. They will then provide a write up and a comprehensive report noting down any issues or details that need to be addressed. A surveyor will also make themself available to explain any issue that a client may be unsure of. The aim of a survey like this is to provide you with a full understanding of the property’s condition.
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What Are The Red Flags On A Survey Report Or Structural Survey?

Surveys are trained and required to look for identify red flags that could indicate serious issues with a property. There are several red flags that could be included in your report. Here are some of the issues that you need to be aware of.
Building surveys include checking for issues with damp. Damp is caused by condensation, a leak in the roof, or issues with ventilation. As well as leading to structural damage, it can also lead to other secondary problems with mould. If damp is discovered during a building survey, it needs to be dealt with immediately..
Old wiring discovered during a structural survey of buildings is often recognised as a fire hazard. Building surveyors will usually recommend that old wiring is replaced either before or as soon as you take ownership of the property.
Surveyors may also identify an issue with structural timber damage. This can be caused by pests, fire or rot. Left untreated, damage to the timber of the property can lead to a complete structural failure of the building.
An inspection report could also identify an issue at the site of the property including subsidence. This is the gradual sinking or caving in of the land. It can be caused by poor construction during the original development of the land or an issue like groundwater seepage.
If the roof is leaking, this is a serious issue that could cost you a lot of money in the future. As such, it’s always important to make sure that you get this repaired before you commit to purchasing the home.
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Do You Need A Building Survey?

A building inspection will be useful whether you are considering purchasing a commercial or residential property. It can also be useful for land development projects as well. A house survey should include any issues that you could be aware of before committing to the purchase of a property. 

A building inspection may also include details such as advice on repairs and an updated valuation of the property, based on the issues discovered. Surveyors include an analysis of the property that will often be integral during the homebuying process.

If you are interested in arranging a building survey or you need more information about what should be included by surveyors, please do not hesitate to get in touch with our expert team. 

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