Oakfield Building Chartered Surveyors

What is a chartered surveyor?

A Chartered surveyor is a surveyor who evaluates properties for defects, potential concerns, or problems is a chartered surveyor. They can calculate a property’s value as well. In order to determine whether a property is a wise investment or if there are any concerns that could cause troubles in the future, surveyors generate a report. Japanese knotweed, structural problems, and dampness may be a few of them.

A surveyor must have completed further training and accrued a minimum amount of experience before applying to become a “Chartered Surveyor,” as determined by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). Some surveyors might not have pursued these additional levels of university to become chartered, but they will still be fully qualified and subject to RICS regulation. They may be referred to as associates, Assoc RICS, or just building surveyors.

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